The Ring of Peace 2018 Videos - select videos below to view

2018. 09. 23.
Some of the Messages of Peace that were sent around the World for The Ring of Peace, on September 21st 2018, on World Peace Day
2018. 09. 26.
The Ring of Peace Morning. 2018. Looking at the past and present journey of "The Ring of Peace"
2019. 01. 30.
"The Ring of Peace" Armistice Day 2018. Once more people across the world from all walks of life have come together to send a message of Peace around the world. Sadly since this Film was made Robin Dunseath, the man behind the concept of sending a Peace message, recently lost his battle after a long illness; Here we pay a special tribute to a talented visionary who would never give up on his quest for Peace. Thank you Robin
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