Robin Dunseath

Robin imagined the original concept of the Ring of Peace in 2014. 

In his early career, he devised campaigns for major brands and received the UK Sword of Excellence and the U.S. Mercury Communications Award for International Communications for his work on Northern Ireland's image during the worst of the troubles.

Invented the sport of Haggis Hurling in 1977, which featured at the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh and has its own museum. Each year, over 100 official hurls are held and 43 countries have taken part. The sport has raised over £15 million for charity.

Devised World Young Business Achiever scheme to encourage young entrepreneurship in 3rd world countries. Persuaded WorldCom Group to organise it through their members as a volunteer project. In the ten years it ran, world finals were held in many major cities and attended by Royalty and Prime Ministers. Over 1000 young entrepreneurs took part and many built highly successful global enterprises. One became a billionaire and formed a foundation that has donated millions to charitable needs and to finance a school of entrepreneurship.

Watch: The Ring of Peace Tribute Video to Robin


Co-Founder: Peter Ferris

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